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Wizards + Marvel

Super Hero Night

"Super Hero Night" was a special event collaboration between Marvel and the Wizards basketball team, held during a match between the Wizards and the Cavaliers. The event aimed to create a superhero-themed experience by integrating various Marvel characters onto the stadium screens alongside the Wizards players. The objective was to design a modern and dynamic graphics package that incorporates superhero and classic comic book aesthetics into the basketball stadium environment.

As the creative director, designer and animator for this project, my role was to oversee the creative vision and ensure that the graphics package aligned with the event theme and overall objectives. Our clients determined which characters would be featured during the event and how they would be paired with the Wizards players on the screens. I proposed a modern, eclectic, and dynamic art style that infused classic comic book elements, combined with the team's color schemes and branding. I incorporated halftone and paper textures to emulate the look and feel of classic comic book pages. I also designed and animated typography featuring comic onomatopoeic words using bold, dynamic fonts. Additionally, dynamic transitions, 2D animated visual effects, and motion graphics were implemented to enhance the overall energy and excitement of the graphics package.

The final step involved translating the graphic designs into animated sequences, taking into account the specific requirements of the basketball stadium screens. Finally, we delivered the completed basketball stadium graphics package to the event production team.

The collaboration between Marvel and the Wizards for "Super Hero Night" resulted in a visually captivating basketball stadium graphics package.

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