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Hello! I am a
Creative Director, Designer and Animator

I partner with agencies, brands and studios to create visual solutions that inspire, motivate and connect with people.

Driven by meaning and design


Motion and Animation

Animation is a great tool for making complex ideas simple. With 2D and 3D techniques, I create eye-catching videos to convey your message through different types:

Explainer videos, brand/product videos, social media videos, and infographic videos.

Art Direction and Design

Express concepts visually and creatively. Through a blend of styles and technical skill, I'll craft the perfect look for your project. This involves creating visual concepts and refining styles for motion graphics and animated videos.


Using custom graphics is a proven way to give your message a vibrant and unique identity. I specialize in creating original 2D and 3D illustrations that add a special touch and support to your project. This includes editorial work, magazines, books, advertising, commissioned pieces, concept art, and asset creation.

Simple, clear and effective

Work Process

Briefing - Research

I approach my clients as a creative partner. Together we set up the project's needs, goals and opportunities. In this step, I research references to create mood boards so we can map out the vision to follow.


Based on the mood board that aligns best with the goals I create a series of style frames to show a creative vision for what the end visual product could look like. I present the proposals to my client for review and approval.

Development - Craft

The concept is brought to life.  My goal is to make every project functional, aesthetically appealing, and memorable. I use diverse technical skills to carry out this task.


I always keep close contact with the client to address the goals during the process and support the standard of quality for the end visual products. I deliver the end visual product in the requested formats.

Let's work together.

I would like to learn about your goals and ideas. Let's figure out the best way to tackle your project. You can ask me any questions or request a quote for your project.

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