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The Oscars


A visual effects and animation team led by Harv Glazer at The Different was tasked with the post-production of "Oscarsland," a sketch for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Mimicking a sequence from the Barbie movie through parody, it aimed to generate buzz for the upcoming 2024 Oscars. The concept was to pay homage to the year's most celebrated films by incorporating subtle references into the sketch video.

As part of this effort, I was responsible for crafting two key shots for the sketch video. The sequence that homages "Killers of the Flower Moon" and the "Space Jump" sequence. For "Killers of the Flower Moon" I illustrated and animated the assets in the shot and ensured that they captured the essence of the film being parodied. For the "Space Jump," I animated the car with Jimmy Kimmel and Kate McKinnon and made sure the background elements had a slight movement and fluidity that wouldn't distract the audience from the "hero" jump.

The Different
Animator / Illustrator
additional credits
Creative DIrector for Visual Effects and Animation: Harv Glazer / Supervising Producer: Erin Kuttner