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The Darcys

OFF THE DEEP - Official Lyric Video

After collaborating with the design and animation team on their previous video titled "Look Me in the Eyes," I was approached by the Darcys to take the helm in directing, designing, and animating their upcoming lyric video for the single "Off The Deep." The objective was to capture the cinematic ambiance that defines their album, "Fear and Loneliness."

The video seamlessly blends a touch of wistful nostalgia from Hollywood's golden era with the opulence of Vegas and the ruggedness of Westerns. Aligned with the band and their creative crew's vision, I aimed to evoke the sensation of 1960s-1970s Hollywood. This encompassed employing rich gold tones, warm hues, an overall dusty color palette, and a grainy visual effect. Every action and element depicted on the screen is rooted in the album's distinctive symbolism. Our aim was to narrate a tale that unfolded mere moments ago, leaving an array of clues for viewers to unveil as they journey through the video.

Director / Designer / Animator
additional credits
Music Video