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Spotify + Roblox

Spotify Island

Spotify Island is a virtual world within Roblox that offers an immersive experience for users to explore music, discover playlists, and engage with their favorite artists.

To generate excitement and attract new users, the Spotify team aimed to create a promotional video animation that showcased the unique atmosphere and diverse features of the island. Working closely with the Spotify team, I developed a concept that would showcase the transformation of Spotify Island from a realistic environment to a Roblox-inspired aesthetic.

As the creative director for this video, I was responsible for overseeing the animation and editing ensuring that it was aligned with the overarching campaign goals. As the art director, I established the visual aesthetics for both the realistic and Roblox-inspired versions of Spotify Island. When it comes to the animation I brought the two versions of Spotify Island to life through a captivating moment of transformation using a mixture of 2D and 3D elements and techniques.

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Creative Director / Art Director / Animator
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