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We Build Hearts

HeartWorks is dedicated to building, testing, and delivering stem cell therapies for curing congenital heart defects (CHD), enabling families to lead fulfilling lives.

For this project, Nice Shoes brought me on board to craft a design that marries simplicity with powerful emotional storytelling through animation. Our goal was to etch a lasting impression of the significance of this work while also elucidating HeartWorks' mission to the broader community, including those without a scientific background.

Guided by the Creative Director Stefan Woronko, I used a script as the cornerstone for storyboards and art direction. Collaborating with Producer Tricia Chatterton-Goldrick, we established a workflow that encompassed design and animation phases.

In the animation stage, I meticulously evaluated each segment to determine the most effective and efficient way to bring it to life. While some sequences were directly animated in After Effects, others were executed in Moho. The outcome was a 1-and-a-half-minute explainer video, shared across social media and their primary website, encapsulating the essence of HeartWorks' mission.

Nice Shoes
Art Director / Designer / Animation Director
additional credits
Creative Director: Stefan Woronko / Sr. Producer: Tricia Chatterton-Goldrick
Brand Video