We Build Hearts

HeartWorks builds, tests, and delivers stem cell therapies to cure congenital heart defects (CHD) giving families the opportunity to live full, enriching lives.

Nice Shoes brought me into this project to develop simplicity in design combined with an emphasis on deeply emotional storytelling animation. The objective was to create an everlasting idea of how important this work is, but also help to create an explanation of what Heartworks does to the non-scientific community that the team is trying to reach.

Stefan Woronko, Creative Director on this project, provided me with a script that would be the foundation of the subsequent storyboards and art direction that I developed during the production process. Together with Producer, Tricia Chatterton-Goldrick, we created a workflow that accommodated a design phase and an animation phase.

During the animation phase, I assessed each segment independently to define the best and most efficient way to animate it. Some sequences were directly animated in After Effects while others in Moho. We delivered a 1 minute and a half explainer video that was shared on social media and on their main website.

Nice Shoes
Art Director / Designer / Animation Director
additional credits
Creative Director: Stefan Woronko / Sr. Producer: Tricia Chatterton-Goldrick
Brand Video