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Internal Explainer (Redacted)

This project entailed the development of an internal communication video, which aimed to inform employees about a topic while captivating their interest with visually appealing content.

As a creative and art director, character designer, and animator, I played a crucial role in this project. We conducted collaborative calls with the client and our team to comprehend the video's purpose, target audience, and key messages. Brainstorming sessions were held to generate ideas and concepts for the anthropomorphic characters that would serve as representations of the main topic. Utilizing the insights gained from these sessions, I created sketches and rough illustrations to explore different visual styles and character designs that aligned with the client's vision. The final character designs incorporated elements to enhance expressiveness and distinctiveness. Subsequently, I transformed the characters' designs into digital assets and proceeded to rig and animate them.

To ensure consistency throughout the video, I established a cohesive visual style. I curated a vibrant and suitable color palette that complemented the proposed art style. Additionally, I designed each environment and strategically planned the composition of every scene to guide viewers' attention and reinforce the key messages effectively.

To add depth and immersion to the video, I crafted an audio mix featuring sound effects to emphasize actions and enhance the overall experience.

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Creative Director / Art Director / 2D & 3D Animator
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