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Year of the Tiger

Cadillac approached Nice Shoes to develop a visually captivating commercial to celebrate the Year of the Tiger while promoting their line of SUVs. The client provided us with a brief emphasizing the importance of incorporating elements representing Cadillac's brand identity and the symbolism of the Year of the Tiger. They requested adherence to Cadillac's color palette while infusing traditional elements associated with the festivities in a modern, urban, diverse aesthetic style.

As the Creative Director, Art Director, and Animator for this project, I led the team in conceptualizing and executing a unique commercial that combined real footage of Cadillac's SUVs traversing the city with various animated elements integrated into the environment and inspired by the rich folklore surrounding the Year of the Tiger. I developed the overall visual style and executed the design and animation process. Here is an overview of the animated elements we incorporated and why we chose them:

I created a 2D animated tiger that ran inside a mural alongside one of the SUVs, symbolizing strength, elegance, and agility. For the next shot, I animated an ecosystem of floating 3D paper lamps evoking a sense of celebration and festivity. The next sequence had 3D animated dragons adding a touch of mythology and auspiciousness. The following shot had a lush 2D animated floral landscape that emerged along the SUVs' path, emphasizing the connection between nature, vitality, and prosperity. Finally, graceful 2D animated koi fish swam in the city's streets, symbolizing good fortune and perseverance.

The combination of real footage with the animated elements added a touch of magic and symbolism to the commercial, creating a captivating and memorable visual experience.

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Creative Director / Art Director / 2D & 3D Animator
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